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When myths are destroyed
Alexis Tsipras wanted to dynamite “liberal Europe” and “austerity”. He has demolished some obdurate myths that have been poisoning Europe. The European Union is much more democratic than any government, which after having lied to its electorate, asking them for...
Europe under the pressure of its extremes
Alexis Tsipras has won his wager and has the support of his country which, with its economy, has witnessed the collapse of a discredited political class. The referendum victory has been welcomed on the continent by the far right as well as the far left. This rise in radicalism is a challenge to...
Greece’s Grand Theatrical Performance
  In the midst of negotiations whose conclusion it has said to be close, the Greek government unilaterally decided to break them off and submit the proposals put forward by its partners to referendum with a call to reject them. This confession of weakness, which has nothing to do with...
Patience and virtue
More and more challenges are arising for  Europeans, security economic crisis, immigration, growth …  Used to living conditions that have ceaselessly continued to improve with the assurance of peace, they are now beginning to have doubts, a truly European speciality. The British...