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Europe needs continuity
The financial turbulence has calmed down somewhat. The European economy is showing signs of consolidation and reassuring news has been issued by the business world. The euro zone states are borrowing on the market at acceptable rates. Greece has been the beneficiary of an unprecdented rescue...
Europe, brighter skies ahead
  In the crisis the European Union has revealed a great number of its imperfections, starting with a confusion of declarations and an unbearable slowness in the decision making process. Surprised by the size of the challenge it faces it has also committed some errors that have been of...
Christmas with the euro
In spite of the prophets of doom, apocalyptic forecasts and more than pre-emptory opinions, we shall be celebrating Christmas 2011 with the euro! This will also be true in 2012 and in the years to come. So, it is time to take advantage of this break to look at Europe and its economy in the long...
A turning point for Europe
The decisions taken by the European heads of State and government on 9th December, include many positive innovations, which show true determination to overcome the crisis of doubt and defiance. We now have euro governance. There are strict rules so that national budgets can recover balance and for...