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Now or Never
Confronted with Covid-19, Europeans began, as usual, by disappointing before recovering somewhat. That does not mean the game has been won however. The first reaction everywhere was to close the borders and withdraw into the Nation-State. But the Nation-State has failed us; despite the warnings,...
The 7 Capital Challenges
More than a billion people are now under confinement. Trade has come to a halt; economies have come to a standstill. To prevent a health threat from turning into a deadly global political crisis, major challenges, both unexpected and significant, will have to be met. Here are seven of them: -...
Overcoming the virus
The unilateral decision made by the American president, in the wake of others in Europe, shows that the greatest harm a virus can do is to the brain... Believing that closing borders will stem the pandemic is absurd; the list of exceptions to his decision, which only concerns the States in the...
Nuclear in Europe: Trump or Macron – we have to choose!
France is now the only European Union State equipped with nuclear weapons. This means that it has to think of its security from a European point of view. European partners have to take it into account. On 7 February, recalling France's nuclear policy, Emmanuel Macron reached out to Europeans,...