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Europe: the duties of the Member States
  Six months after the elections the European institutions are now in place. The Parliament and the Commission have indicated their priorities and their commitment to try and respond to high expectations on the part of the Europeans. But what about the Member States? Paralysed by complicated...
A new European Commission, to what purpose?
After electing the president proposed by the Member States on 16th July last, the European Parliament will approve the appointment of a new 27-Member European Commission on 27th November for a five-year mandate.  It will certainly not be business as usual.. Many major challenges lie ahead:...
Europe gone with … NATO’winds ?
The declarations made by the French President caused a reaction. They have the merit of setting clear questions which Europeans will not be able to avoid. NATO cannot elude the issue clearly set out by Emmanuel Macron: “what is its strategy? It helped win the Cold War. That was thirty years...
Europe, neither a State nor an Empire
The fall of the Berlin Wall led to the dissolution of the Soviet Union, which had been suffocating half of the continent under a merciless communist dictatorship. The liberation of the people of Europe heralded the true reunification of the continent, notably thanks to the European Union, which...