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Europe, victim of the principle of precaution
Damages are expected to rise beyond those incurred by the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001.  The four day ban on air transport in Europe has disrupted life and the movement of several million people and has already cost more than one billion euros - it is also the cause of doubt with regard...
In mourning with Poland
On the same site as the Katyn massacre, which witnessed in 1940 the deaths of many of the Polish elite, Poland is, once more, cruelly struck by a plane crash that caused the death of the president along with many of its political and military leaders. Three days after the notable gesture of Russia,...
Solidarity and discipline within the Eurozone
In monetary and financial matters public declarations do not imply a guarantee of efficacy. Once again Europe has experienced this with regard to the creation of a financial aid mechanism for Greece. It is under fire from its critics because of its internal discord and reticence. It has opened the...
Europe : the real post-Lisbon challenges
The failure of the Copenhagen Conference surprised the European Union. It went there standing as the champion in the fight against global warming, armed with certainties acquired in the wake of audacious regulations, supported by its public opinion, firmly believing that it could convince its main...