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Russian degassing
On 1st January Gazprom decided to suspend its deliveries to the Ukraine which is accused of not having paid its debts and has demonstrated its disagreement with the prices put forward to renew the contract. On 5th January, saying that the Ukraine was using some of the gas that transits across its...
A Successful Presidency
France invested greatly in its 12th Presidency of the Council of the European Union. It had made careful preparations and succeeded in completing the programme it had set itself. But it has been France's management of international crises that has been mostly acknowledged. It revealed a new type of...
The European Council, what really is at stake
Announcements of economic recovery plans are mushrooming. In their efforts to face the financial crisis EU Member States have mobilised 1,800 billion euro in guarantees, twice the amount put forward by the USA. For the recovery there will not be any European economic pilot since the diversity...
The German choice
The way in which Europe will overcome the crisis will decide its long term development into a political union, its governance and, in reality, its place in the world in the 21st century. French President Nicolas Sarkozy has in the space of just a few months provided it with a role that it never...