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2024: A strategic Europe at last?
[This editorial is also available in Ukrainian.] So, what will it take for Europe's leaders to wake up at the dawn of a year that could well seal the continent's fate for a long time to come? Their measured support for Ukraine shows that they have not grasped the full extent of the war that Putin...
When Ukraine turns to the West
[This editorial is also available in Ukrainian.] By deciding to open accession negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova, the European Heads of State and Government have made much more than a strong diplomatic gesture. In accordance with the will of the peoples of these countries, they have set in...
Ukraine, Europe’s responsibility
[This editorial is also available in Ukrainian.] Once again, Europe's leaders, meeting in Council on 14 and 15 December, face decisions of historic importance. Europe is expected to keep the flag of human rights flying high. On 10 December we celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Universal...
No to the "Europe that protects”
The campaign for the European elections looks set to get underway soon. It is to be feared that the unfortunate slogan of "Europe that protects", which has already been used rather foolishly in a number of past campaigns, will be used again. First of all, this would imply that Europe is...