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2020 : Europe at work in the tumult
2020 will not just have been the year of the lockdown! It may well also have been the year of a European awakening. The Union has been responsive to the challenges it has faced. It has not only responded, it has also innovated in a number of areas. When in May Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron...
What a waste!
For a people, sovereignty means being able to decide freely. The British wanted to leave the European Union: it is their right. Sovereignism means egoism. It is an ideology that reduces identity to sovereignty. After Donald Trump, its champion of the moment is now found in Boris Johnson. For it is...
Europe loses a truly great Frenchman
Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, President of the French Republic from 1974 to 1981, has left us. This statesman of exceptional qualities embodied a moment in history, when France was modernising at great speed. His reforms concerned all aspects of society: the status of women, morals, public and...
Europe: What to do with America?
On 3 November the United States will be voting and a few days later we should know the successor to the unlikely president the country gave itself 4 years ago. The overwhelming majority of Europeans do not want the incumbent to be re-elected. If his challenger wins, the world, the Americans and...