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What did you say? Competition?
The rejection of the merger between Alstom-Siemens on 6th February by the European Commission angered the German and French governments, although it was welcomed by Alstom's unions and the customary Eurosceptics. It is difficult so see what's what! European competition rules date back to the last...
The Brexit Saga
The inextricable political situation in which the UK finds itself over Brexit is the direct result of the inability of its executive to find a solution to the problem it created. Britain's political elite is no longer what it once was. From the very beginning the referendum of 23rd June 2016 was...
Brexit blues
We have to search beyond the congratulatory speech surrounding the result of the Brexit negotiations, which, quite fortunately, have ended reasonably, even though its ratification cannot be taken for granted and that the matter is far from being a done deal. The UK’s departure from the EU is...
11th November: A European Lesson
70 heads of State and government, who met in Paris, celebrated the centenary of the end of the First World War. The first total war of the 20th century claimed more than 20 million lives and ruined the countries of Europe. But this did not stop them starting again twenty years later. The last...