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Europe, the Law and trust
European construction is challenged by a global development in which force is increasingly taking precedence over law. There are many examples of this. Turkey, like China, is deliberately flouting the law of the sea, Russia is deliberately violating its international commitments concerning the...
Europe: for an even more comprehensive recovery
On 21 July, Europeans agreed on an ambitious and innovative €750bn plan to support and revive the economy which has been seriously affected by the aftermath of the health crisis. The EU can afford to commit such a sum because its wealth lies in its large single market, i.e. applying the same...
Most of the world's leaders have been pushed to take exceptional measures, bringing the economy, social life and, incidentally, our freedoms to a standstill. On the European continent, this was done in the usual way: each State wanted to decide for itself, but in the end the decisions were broadly...
The power of fear
With the virus came fear. It is known to be a poor counsellor and the cause of a thousand ills. History teaches us this; political science protects us from it. Yet it is indeed fear that has led to the sequestration of half of humanity. For a short while the whole of Europe was convinced. But has...