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A time of gravity
[This editorial is also available in Ukrainian.] Passions are legitimate, often understandable, rarely productive. They must not be allowed to hijack the forthcoming European elections. All democracies are being destabilised by the expression of brutal anger, and Europe, home to some of the...
Europe: The immense success of 50 years of enlargement
[This editorial is available in Ukrainian.] The first enlargement of the European Community took place in 1973, with the accession of Denmark, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Since then, the Union has undergone 6 further stages of enlargement, tripling its population. Ratified by referendums...
Macron and Europe: An urgent appeal
[This editorial is also available in Ukrainian.] Emmanuel Macron appealed to Europe in his second speech at the Sorbonne on 25 April 2024 — in other words to its Member States — calling for them to wake up urgently to the new strategic context. The world no longer abides by the...
The third era of European integration
[This editorial is also available in Ukrainian.] Make no mistake about it, Europe is experiencing a new phase in its history. While the continent recovered from the Second World War, and then as it witnessed the fall of the Wall and the USSR, and finally as it now faces war again, this time at...