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The Euro Europe and the Markets
First and foremost European integration is a political choice. It is a complex, incomplete matter and unification is progressing slowly. The financial markets, which are the expression of investor confidence do not always understand this. Europeans are themselves in the grip of doubt given the...
Ireland, the Euro and economic governance
Ireland has brought Europe back into the financial crisis. Of course the Union has the means to save this "bad boy" of Europe from bankruptcy - since the Irish problems are not just due to its banks but also because of its government's economic and fiscal policy. Here we have a country...
Enlargement: Is the European Commission doing its work properly?
We have known for a long time that the enlargement policy is ailing. Without direction nor captain at the helm it seems to continue impassively on its way in spite of the crisis, the EU's difficulties and the scepticism of European citizens. Just as the Commission is about to publish its strategy...
Deciphering Europe
The European political arena is becoming increasingly opaque. Not only because of the complicated institutional connections in the Lisbon Treaty but also because the main players give us the impression that they cannot see clearly either! The barricade against the so-called...