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Europe: towards recovery?
The European Union has overcome the first real crisis since its creation, which threatened both its existence and that of the euro.  To rise to the challenge Europeans mobilised financial power equivalent to what today would be three Marshall Plans (3000 billion $). For the last four years...
France, a problem for Europe?
It is always a difficult time after the Presidential elections in France. Generally it is a period in which the excessive number of gifts promised by the candidate are handed out. But this time round the crisis will not leave the country of Colbert, Napoleon, Schuman and de Gaulle the time to do...
The Nobel appeal
 The award of the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union is an acknowledgement that reminds us what it has achieved on the continent. It is also an appeal to continue and overcome the present crisis.  After the Second World War, the second civilian European conflict which set the planet...
Europe, why the crisis continues
As the summer comes to an end the interminable talks about how to emerge from the crisis are starting again in Europe. Old formulae, timidity and role playing explain why it continues to rage. In the first category we can include the requests to relinquish budgetary seriousness to the benefit of...