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2018: the return of Europe
 In the international arena 2018 might very well mark the return of Europe. America is struggling, China is seeking partners, Russia is bogged down in its past, the Middle East is in turmoil, Africa is still unstable, and the world is seeking answers to the excesses and failings of...
Europe, stronger than it thinks
You simply have to travel through China to understand what demographic transition and catch-up really mean: an immense challenge for the world. Europe has more assets than it thinks. When it provides itself with the commercial tools to counter dumping, as it is doing right now, it is surprising...
Integration by example
Everyone recognises that the geopolitical situation is right to reboot European integration. An exceptional opportunity is opening up for Europe so that it can make its voice heard in the international arena, in line with its contribution to the values of freedom, to the arts and sciences and its...
A French Strategy for the Defence of Europe
France has just published an extremely interesting Strategic Review which is a major contribution to reflection by a Europe that is trying to strengthen its defence. Written under the guidance of MEP Arnaud Danjean, who knows what he is talking about, this lucid, comprehensive document is, for...