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So, let's talk about Europe
There is nothing worse in the government of States than indifference, the final stage of laxness, and even laziness. This is indeed a weakness. It is this that has led to the rise of populism, extremism and the revival of nationalism in Europe over the last 20 years. After having made spectacular,...
A World without Europe?
The complaints made by the populations of Europe are becoming increasingly loud and strong against the European Union. On top of economic difficulties we are now fearful, nationalism has returned, fed by old historic bitterness, we are now anxious about the instability of our borders. The...
Europe and its Security
After London, Madrid and Paris, heinous attacks have now been made on Brussels.
In spite of all of our efforts, others, just as inept, unfair and unqualifiable will follow.
But let us make no mistake; this is a planned and pre-meditated offensive on the part of the enemies of our way of life...
Crying Wolf
One of the oldest tales told to children is that of the little shepherd boy who regularly cried “Wolf!” in amusement at the disruption it caused in the village, whose inhabitants always ran to his aid. Until the day, when, tired of his constant games the villagers did not go to...