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France is well and truly back in Europe
The new French President's entry into office has undeniably been a success. By placing his action within a resolutely European framework he has already raised interest and kindled friendship amongst his partners. He has made the right diagnosis of the situation, as he confronts the domestic...
The end of the Eurosceptic lie
Amongst Emmanuel Macronís extraordinary achievements, which have led him, against all odds, to be elected President of the French Republic, is one that deserves our attention: he has put paid to many of the shameful lies about European integration that have been spread and tolerated for too...
Will France make its comeback to Europe?
Finally Europe was a theme in the French presidential campaign – but, my goodness, how it was spoken of!
The European Union has become a pretext for all types of fear, emotions and anxiety, as well as claims, which are firstly – and we understand this – the responsibility of the...
Which European Policy for the next French President?
When we speak of European integration the French immediately leap into the air. There is no lack of debate between those who challenge it in the name of the concern and anger caused by upheaval in the world and those who quickly demand the reform of this institutional projects. But what if things...