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A wave of fatigue
One of the European Union's most spectacular successes has been its expansion, wrongly called its enlargement. Reunifying the continent peacefully without causing any major imbalance, either political or economic, was a wager. From China to Latin America, from the US to Africa observers have...
The people's right to self-determination
On May 21 Montenegro voted for independence that was lost 88 years ago after the First World War. The Balkan Wars and the exaggerated reserve of the Western powers with regard to Kosovo postponed a conclusion which was however unavoidable. It was not necessary to be an expert in order to understand...
Why celebrate Europe?
In order to surmount the challenges facing post war Europe the Foreign Minister of the Republic of France suggested on 9th May 1950 breaking away in an almost revolutionary fashion from the firmly established rules of nationalism which had in the past resulted in so many wars. Robert Schuman...
Economy, growth: what if we told the truth?
The strike by some of the public services in Germany and the repeated demonstrations in France hide the reality of a Europe that is indulging in the contentment of economic growth that unfortunately is no longer a reality. Our economic situation is much more serious than we would like to admit. Our...