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What response do we give to Brexit?
It is everyone’s failure if a country leaves the European Union. In spite of some undeniably, specifically British features, we must not underestimate nor analyse it lightly, because Brexit reveals some errors of conduct and foretells of serious complications.
Firstly for Great Britain. By...
The return of Violence in Europe
Politics is gradually starting to look more and more like a football match. The Euro 2016 is firstly being played by thugs, lashing out in the stands and the streets. What a strange game it is!
 The same goes for politics. The populists have launched their own attack on the European Union, with...
So, let's talk about Europe
There is nothing worse in the government of States than indifference, the final stage of laxness, and even laziness. This is indeed a weakness. It is this that has led to the rise of populism, extremism and the revival of nationalism in Europe over the last 20 years. After having made spectacular,...
A World without Europe?
The complaints made by the populations of Europe are becoming increasingly loud and strong against the European Union. On top of economic difficulties we are now fearful, nationalism has returned, fed by old historic bitterness, we are now anxious about the instability of our borders. The...