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France-Germany: recapturing a sense of history
[This editorial is also available in Ukrainian.] French President Emmanuel Macron will be making a state visit to Germany from 2 to 4 July. Never has the accumulation of differences between the two countries been so apparent. From energy and defence to economic, monetary and environmental...
Should Europe fear the break-up of Russia?
[This editorial is also available in Ukrainian.] Although many uncertainties remain, we can no longer rule out the break-up of the Russian Federation that would result from the failed aggression in Ukraine. The world's last colonial empire is cracking on all sides, and its many ethnic groups and...
What should Europeans be debating?
[This editorial is also available in Ukrainian.] Emmanuel Macron surprised us by saying that European environmental regulations, already the most advanced in the world, should not be seen in isolation from the situation in other continents, at the risk of weakening the European economy. He is...
Celebrating 9 May
[This editorial is also available in Ukrainian.] Seventy-three years ago, the French Foreign Minister, Robert Schuman, proposed to defeated Germany and other willing European nations a new form of cooperation that would prevent any future recourse to war. It was a bold gamble. It...