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Urgent - Response to Germany requested
The programme adopted by the CDU during its most recent congress in Leipzig on 15th November should be looked at closely. It includes some specific indicators as to the developments that the European Union might experience if some of Germany's partners, the first of these being France - as this...
In default of loyalty
The Greek decision to submit the European agreement of 26th October that was designed to save Greece from bankruptcy to referendum, is a legitimate one. Seeing that he was unable to convince his fellow countrymen of the effort required in exchange for a significant amount of aid, Prime Minister...
He who pays the piper, calls the tune
José-Manuel Barroso criticised France and Germany and their project to step up governance of the Euro. Although he may be right in pleading the cause of a supranational institution which defends the common interest in line with the remit he was given by the treaties, he is however wrong....
Dancing on the edge of the abyss
The spectacle given by the Europeans as they face the Greek crisis is a true disaster. Legitimate discussions are taking place in front of the whole world and concern is spreading; their differences of opinion are turning into division, whilst everyone knows, that at the end of the day, Europe...