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Enlargement: Is the European Commission doing its work properly?
We have known for a long time that the enlargement policy is ailing. Without direction nor captain at the helm it seems to continue impassively on its way in spite of the crisis, the EU's difficulties and the scepticism of European citizens. Just as the Commission is about to publish its strategy...
Deciphering Europe
The European political arena is becoming increasingly opaque. Not only because of the complicated institutional connections in the Lisbon Treaty but also because the main players give us the impression that they cannot see clearly either! The barricade against the so-called...
China, Europe and the Nobel Prize
China is just discovering that power is not just about growth rates. Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, who was taking part in the Europe-Asia summit refused, and quite arrogantly at that, any discussion with regard to the forced rate of the Yuan, a true artifice which swells his country's...
20 years of German Unity - a success
On 3rd October 1990 - 20 years ago - the treaty that reunited the two Germanies entered into force. German unity will go down in history as an extraordinary moment in the human story that we can estimate better with hindsight. No one really could have imagined it was to be achieved peacefully. It...