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The European Council: the walk of the crab
How hard it is to make progress! The European Union has become the battlefield of minor yet urgent national interests, the European Council meetings a place of bitter, technical negotiations. It is hard to distinguish a long term vision of Europe in this and it is even more difficult to find...
Regulation, a capital European issue
We would be wrong to believe that the issue of the re-appointment of the President of the European Commission is the focal point on the agenda of the European Council on 18th and 19th June. The concrete follow-up to be given to the G20 in London is long in coming. The Commission has put forward...
Barack Obama, America and Europe
Europeans are voting to appoint their MEPs. It is the continental event that is attracting everyone's attention.  On this occasion the abstention rate, the rise of extremes – or not and the show of confidence or mistrust with regard to national governments will teach us a great...
European Elections: what are the issues?
For the European elections in June next candidates and political parties have to be able to put forward real proposals.  Far too often the manifestos are vague, general and evidently outdated. What is the point in demanding “another Europe”, “that Europe should change...