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Cyprus or a few lessons from Aphrodite...*
More time will be needed to measure all the effects of the Cyprian crisis and of the decisions taken to deal with it. But a few lessons can already be learned. The degree of integration towards which the eurozone is moving will not be able to put up with economic models that are too marginal,...
Parliament's Mistake
The European Parliament is about to make a terrible mistake. Since the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty the Strasbourg Assembly has had to submit its composition to the Heads of State and Government - which this time is due to be modified in order to integrate Croatian MEPs after their...
France and Germany: a couple of the future
On 22nd January France and Germany are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Elysée Treaty, the seal of their work together. And it is something indeed! No bilateral relationship in the world can rival their degree of proximity and confidence - ie joint exchange and work. No other couple...
The UK and Europe
Under the pressure of some populists in his party David Cameron now finds himself in a political impasse over the UK's relations with the European Union. Although he has declared that his country's interests lie in staying in the Union  - as believe all members of the British leading class -...