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Solidarity and discipline within the Eurozone
In monetary and financial matters public declarations do not imply a guarantee of efficacy. Once again Europe has experienced this with regard to the creation of a financial aid mechanism for Greece. It is under fire from its critics because of its internal discord and reticence. It has opened the...
Europe : the real post-Lisbon challenges
The failure of the Copenhagen Conference surprised the European Union. It went there standing as the champion in the fight against global warming, armed with certainties acquired in the wake of audacious regulations, supported by its public opinion, firmly believing that it could convince its main...
European Union: From the Zollverein to power?
German unity owes much to the Zollverein, a customs union which was created on 1st January 1834. It shared the thaler, the foundation of a real common market in Central Europe, which stimulated the industrial revolution in Europe as a whole. With the Euro the European Union chose to do the same...
Just a few lessons
Europe works in such a way that it always disappoints those in a hurry but long term it finally prevails. And the speculators of the day may rapidly have yet another bitter experience of this. In testing the solidarity of the States which share the Euro there are some who are in for a surprise!...