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Can we celebrate Europe?
On 9th May we celebrate Europe What do we have to celebrate? The memory of an act, Robert Schuman's declaration, prepared by Jean Monnet, which seemed insane at the time, but which brought peace back to a warring continent. It succeeded in rising to the challenge, surpassing the conservatism of...
Tymoshenko rather than the euros of Euro2012
The unqualifiable behaviour of the Ukrainian government towards its opponents has been revealed and Europe is about to boycott the Euro2012. There is no democracy in Ukraine. There is only money that deceives and corrupts. Never has kleptocracy been taken to this point of perfection. Everybody...
European muturity
No one now doubts that the European Union's institutions need in depth reform. The crisis has revealed their inadequacies and highlighted shortfalls in the way they are governed. Hence this is the dawn of a new period of reflection and debate about the shape it should take and on how competences...
Long live Schengen!
European integration continues to be a focus in the French presidential campaign in which, as too often is the case, it is playing the role of the scapegoat. This is notably the case with the immigration policy. Europe's population is declining and its demographic situation is catastrophic. It...