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Germany: an election at the heart of Europe
The German general elections on 24th September are more important than they appear. Not because of their domestic impact. Angela Merkel should win and find enough potential partners on the political scale with whom to form a coalition. But Germany is also facing new challenges and German policy...
Jean-Claude Juncker, the unsung European hero
Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission is a man of experience. Fulfilling a ministerial role for 27 years, he has occupied nearly all of the highest European posts. However, he has a surprisingly youthful spirit. On 13th September he delivered his yearly speech to the European...
Europe enters a new phase
In the present international upheaval that has been worsened by climate catastrophe and compounded by some strategic surprises, the Europeans seem finally to have decided to launch into action. A new generation of leaders is no longer satisfied with the slowness of European response to this...
Simone Veil, a grand European has left us
In their life very few public personalities have experienced absolute evil so closely and have also been the source of so much support in spite of all adversity. From this Simone Veil developed an unshakeable freedom of thought and expression and also an extraordinary faith in Europe. Her...