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Integration by example
Everyone recognises that the geopolitical situation is right to reboot European integration. An exceptional opportunity is opening up for Europe so that it can make its voice heard in the international arena, in line with its contribution to the values of freedom, to the arts and sciences and its...
A French Strategy for the Defence of Europe
France has just published an extremely interesting Strategic Review which is a major contribution to reflection by a Europe that is trying to strengthen its defence. Written under the guidance of MEP Arnaud Danjean, who knows what he is talking about, this lucid, comprehensive document is, for...
Inevitable Europe
Three events have just clearly illustrated the inevitable European dimension of continental political life. The Catalan crisis has marked a turning point. The Catalans, who hold Spain dearly, have now openly shown that they are against a reckless departure from the European Union. Three of their...
"A united Europe was not achieved and we had war"
By choosing to quote Robert Schuman’s historic declaration of 9th May 1950, Emmanuel Macron hoped to give his speech on Europe delivered at the Sorbonne on 26th September a historic, dramatic, solemn dimension. We would be wrong to laugh, since it has come at a truly opportune...