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Mourning and Hope
The overwhelming emotion caused by the terrorist attacks in Paris is an obligation. Our thoughts immediately go to the innocent victims, but also to the first of these: the idea of a civilised world.The negation of the lives of others and of one's own existence is the absolute crime. Nothing can...
Europe and Migration: rising to the challenge
The public outcry caused by the images showing the extreme distress of migrants crossing the Mediterranean has succeeded at least in reminding Europeans that asylum is, first and foremost, a right that is part of their fundamental texts and that it is the result of a moral duty. The surge of...
When myths are destroyed
Alexis Tsipras wanted to dynamite “liberal Europe” and “austerity”. He has demolished some obdurate myths that have been poisoning Europe. The European Union is much more democratic than any government, which after having lied to its electorate, asking them for...
Europe under the pressure of its extremes
Alexis Tsipras has won his wager and has the support of his country which, with its economy, has witnessed the collapse of a discredited political class. The referendum victory has been welcomed on the continent by the far right as well as the far left. This rise in radicalism is a challenge to...