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In Europe, the awakening of memories past
The Russian aggression in the Ukraine has met with general disapproval in the main and so far unanimous condemnation in Europe. But, if for some it is only a difficult diplomatic issue, for others, in the East, Putin has awakened memories past. This war is taking place in territories that have...
The Fall of the House of Russia
Ukraine now has a solid chance of winning the war and Russia will lose it, because aggression by one state against another is no longer tolerated by people in the 21st century; because the Ukrainian "nation at arms" is stronger in its fierce will to resist than the tonnes of mechanised...
9 May: looking to the future
It is by looking to the future that we discover the way forward! For the nations of Europe this is the lesson of 72 years of integration. Bringing peace, rebuilding societies ruined by dictatorships and war, these were the tasks of the second half of the 20th century. They were achieved by the...