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Alone, Europe faces its fate
By abandoning Ukraine, even before it was attacked, NATO and its allies gave up on dissuading Putin from assaulting his neighbour. A few troops, even on exercise, might have sufficed ... Ukraine is alone and the Ukrainians will pay a very heavy price for this renunciation. But now it is also...
When autocrats fascinate democrats
It is once again surprising to note how much autocrats fascinate democrats. As between the two world wars of the 20th century, a dictator who uses lies and violence, despite the denial of his word and his signature, finds defenders, even promoters, in the countries of freedom. After having put on...
As we face the nightmare
The invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army is a senseless criminal act that no one could reasonably foresee. Such a violation of its signature by a permanent member of the UN Security Council was previously unthinkable. Such an array of lies, duplicity and denials in no way befits the behaviour...
How to stop the war?
Putin has brought war back to Europe. He has used the customary weapons of dictators: revisionism, lies, nationalism and force. Europe knows what they are and has had to face them in the past. The Sudetenlanders of yesterday are the Ukrainians of today. Europeans have learned from their history...