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Berlin : a wonderful text
That the 27 States have adopted a common declaration recalling that they do not intend to face the major challenges of the century other than together is unprecedented. That they agree on the fundamental principles of their actions: human rights, equality between men and women, economic success...
The President's first day
The new President of the French Republic will take office on 16th May 2007 and above all this will be a European day. The German Chancellor will be the first to congratulate him or her during the evening of 6th May and to ask him or her to receive her. She will be in Paris the following the first...
European Constitution
Insert or cut? Forging ahead or lagging behind?  On 26th January the 18 countries which have already ratified the European Constitutional Treaty met to give voice to and defend their choice. There is now little doubt in Europe - including on the part of those who said "no" to...
Rethinking Europe's enlargement policy
The reunification of Europe that started on May 1st 2004 will be complete on January 1st 2007 when Bulgaria and Romania join. For the European Union it was a moral duty finally to wipe away the effects of Yalta. It is also in its economic and political interest. Now we must focus on Europe's...