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Europe's necessary strategic autonomy
As preparations are being made for major national elections in the Netherlands, France, in the Czech Republic and Germany, Europe is starting 2017 in a deeply disrupted strategic situation. There are now two types of European: Those who are combating terrorism, committed in the theatres of military...
Europe and Diplomacy
Do relations between the Member States of the European Union fall within the realm of diplomacy or internal policy? The question is not only a theoretical one as long as the referendum broadens the citizen’s will to take part in public decision making. The Netherlands does not know how to...
Politically Incorrect
Do you necessarily have to be rude, vulgar and abusive to be incorrect enough and with that have a chance of being elected? The British referendum on the Brexit and now the result of the American presidential election seem to prove the truth in this. Emotion is the rule, tweet the language and...
No, we do not have to “build Europe anew”!
Europe’s strongest assets are its foundations! The overriding idea is that Union is its strength and that sovereignty, in order to be effective, must rely on cooperation with those who are closest to us. But a great deal is expected of an entity that we easily accuse of being the root of all...