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European elections: not such a great campaign
The rise of extremes both on the left and right is the novelty in the present campaign in view of the upcoming European elections on 22nd-25th May. Using exaggerated, basic, and often outdated arguments the dissenters have found a federating scapegoat: the European Union. At the same the real...
Who are Europe's true enemies?
Until now the European Union did not have any enemies.This was its singularity and its pride. Gradually from within opinion accepted the daring wager made by the Founding Fathers of Europe, which introduced peace, rebuilt a continent in ruins and recovered true prosperity. Abroad its soft power,...
Cold War II
Rather than focus on the causes of the Ukrainian crisis, which has now become the Russian crisis, we should look into the effects this will have on Europe. In Europe a permanent member of the UN Security Council has repeatedly breached the UN Charter, likewise all of the regional treaties that it...