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Crying Wolf
One of the oldest tales told to children is that of the little shepherd boy who regularly cried “Wolf!” in amusement at the disruption it caused in the village, whose inhabitants always ran to his aid. Until the day, when, tired of his constant games the villagers did not go to...
Europe and its doubts
Undeniably Europe will have to rise to many major challenges over the next few months. The first of these is security: never since 1950 has Europe been brought into question like this. We have forgotten, as a member of the world, that we cannot escape major geopolitical developments. And we have...
Is Europe at War ?
The President of the French Republic declared that France was at war and invoked article 42 § 7 of the Treaty on European Union. The Member States “shall have towards it an obligation of aid and assistance by all the means in their power” However, no European leader has wanted to...
Mourning and Hope
The overwhelming emotion caused by the terrorist attacks in Paris is an obligation. Our thoughts immediately go to the innocent victims, but also to the first of these: the idea of a civilised world.The negation of the lives of others and of one's own existence is the absolute crime. Nothing can...