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Europe: 2021 a German Year
While the European Council has just confirmed that it wants to establish a "Security Union", thus setting new objectives for European integration, which is already suffering the challenge of the health crisis, the 2021 electoral calendar will largely determine the development of common...
Will Europe defend its borders?
Free movement within the Schengen area means that the external borders must be well guarded. To this end, on the proposal of the Juncker Commission, a European Border and Coast Guard Corps was created. Comprising staff from the Member States, but also those recruited directly by Frontex, working...
Europe at the Dictators’ Ball
January 6, 2021 will remain a sad moment in American history, the one during which its president, rejecting the election of his successor, successfully incited his supporters to storm the Parliament. The riot he unleashed played into the hands of the dictators, so numerous on our planet. They...