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European Solidarity under test
Barack Obama gained approval for his economic recovery plan: 620 billion euros ie 6% of the GDP. The Chinese have committed 460 billion ie 7%. The European plans added together have difficulty in rising to 280 billion, ie 1% of the GDP. The European response to the crisis is inadequate. Everyone...
Buy European
Governments must take urgent action to counter the serious economic crisis we are facing. This is a time when several European policies are being put to the test. Monetary policy, which has been criticised for many years is now unanimously saluted. It can even be said that the European Central...
Winning the European Elections
Preparation for the European elections is now actively underway on the part of the 27 Member States. During the French Presidency of the European Union Nicolas Sarkozy implemented an extremely political approach to Europe that was both the source of interest and praise. Will this momentum...
Russian degassing
On 1st January Gazprom decided to suspend its deliveries to the Ukraine which is accused of not having paid its debts and has demonstrated its disagreement with the prices put forward to renew the contract. On 5th January, saying that the Ukraine was using some of the gas that transits across its...