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Just a few lessons

Europe works in such a way that it always disappoints those in a hurry but long term it finally prevails.

And the speculators of the day may rapidly have yet another bitter experience of this.

In testing the solidarity of the States which share the Euro there are some who are in for a surprise!


We have known for a long time that the single currency rallies various States and that it has lacked governance - not only from an economic point of view.

Old sovereignist instincts prevented this from happening but the present crisis will lead us to it.


The community's structure is far too complex and unique to be understood by market players who only target the short term.

It is an overall long term, strong and stable political project, but unfortunately, it only moves forward according to circumstances since it lacks the visionaries with the courage to anticipate developments.


To understand all of its motivating forces we have to look back at history, have clear judgement and perceive present requirements.


No one in Europe can imagine that the Euro might end leaving financial experts with the job of drawing up plans for a future comprising monetary competition within the single market, exacerbated rivalry, and a return to disputes between nations in Europe.


No one can believe that the Euro States will not be able to guarantee the Greek debt and oblige this partner - and maybe others- to accept the cure of austerity which it deserves. We know the rules of this already, they are accepted and are far more effective than those imposed by the International Monetary Fund.


No one should forget that the States are perfectly aware of their common interest in having a stable, strong currency which guarantees a standard of life and prosperity.

They do not even have the choice. Necessity makes total solidarity with a struggling member of the Club necessary whatever the reasons for this might be.


And for those who may still doubt let us say that from now on that the decisions taken by the European Council will show them clearly what is about to happen.


However the Heads of State and Government have to assume progress towards greater integration in terms of European economies and societies, with greater transfer of competence towards an increasingly federal Union.

This is the true interst of the European people.