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The Welcome Return of Franco-German Fellowship
By making his work part of a close relationship with Germany the new French President has broken with years of routine. He is undertaking a policy that is in line with the interests of his country, but he is also making Europe's revival possible. The German Chancellor was not wrong as she...
Goodbye to Anglo-Saxon Hegemony?
Europe is undergoing true revolution. New leaders are coming to office. They are young, pragmatic, less ideological, they are open and modern. Leo Varadkar, 38, the new Irish Prime Minister, Juri Ratas, 38, the Estonian Prime Minister, Emmanuel Macron 39, the French President, Charles Michel 41,...
Defence spending, a new outlook for Europe?
On 7th May the European Commission published a series of proposals to improve Europe's military capabilities. The European budget could be used to finance some R&D spending on security equipment and partially supplement a fund designed for the States which are working towards acquiring certain...
France is well and truly back in Europe
The new French President's entry into office has undeniably been a success. By placing his action within a resolutely European framework he has already raised interest and kindled friendship amongst his partners. He has made the right diagnosis of the situation, as he confronts the domestic...