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Politically Incorrect
Do you necessarily have to be rude, vulgar and abusive to be incorrect enough and with that have a chance of being elected? The British referendum on the Brexit and now the result of the American presidential election seem to prove the truth in this. Emotion is the rule, tweet the language and...
No, we do not have to “build Europe anew”!
Europe’s strongest assets are its foundations! The overriding idea is that Union is its strength and that sovereignty, in order to be effective, must rely on cooperation with those who are closest to us. But a great deal is expected of an entity that we easily accuse of being the root of all...
In defence of International trade treaties
The Walloon tragicomedy over the agreement between the European Union and Canada has confirmed a profound, increasingly hostile undercurrent regarding international trade. This is bad news for the world. Protectionism has always preceded sombre periods of tension and even conflict. Trade has...
Will Europe’s year debut be a success?
This week Europe is starting a new political year. On 14th September Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission will deliver his annual speech on the State of the Union; on 16th in Bratislava the heads of State and government will convene for the first time without the UK. However...