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Finally the Eurogroup steps in
The euro is one of Europe's greatest achievements. It has protected it well from many storms by providing the world's leading economy with the currency it needed. It might enable it to provide  thedecisive means to emerge from the financial crisis. The decisions taken by the Eurogroup on...
Urgency means confidence
We would be wrong to think that the financial crisis only involves the Americans or certain careless stakeholders of the globalised world. Although the loss of confidence in the financial system began in the USA it may very well contaminate the strongest institutions because of its systemic...
Europe and Russia
Without the European Union's intervention and rapid reaction on the part of the French president the Russians would already have made Tbilisi theirs. Four days after the launch of an unprecedented attack and in want of a reaction on the part of the Americans a European peace plan was put forward...
The meaning of the Presidency
The simple fact that the Presidency of the European Union is considered an event in France is a novelty we should welcome. Usually we find indifference and lack of knowledge walking hand in hand together with disdain and ignorance feeding scepticism in this domain. Nicolas Sarkozy wanted great...