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France-Europe: serious business is about to start
 Over the last few days the German Chancellor and the French President have met three times. They have launched a common initiative against youth unemployment and a Franco-German contribution to the European Council that will take place at the end of June. It was high time to return to the...
Europe, France and its Defence
France went into Mali, after Côte d'Ivoire and Libya. It has dispatched troops to Central African Republic. It did this in full sovereignty, respecting international laws to defend a certain idea of interational order to which the protection of its citizens and the promixity with its...
Gale warning over the Franco-German relationship
It seems that France and Germany agree less and less on the economic policy to undertake to put an end to the crisis. It is not the first time, nor the last, but now the wind is blowing us towards inhospitable shores. In the country of Colbert and Napoleon and also that of Charles de Gaulle and...
Cyprus or a few lessons from Aphrodite...*
More time will be needed to measure all the effects of the Cyprian crisis and of the decisions taken to deal with it. But a few lessons can already be learned. The degree of integration towards which the eurozone is moving will not be able to put up with economic models that are too marginal,...