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Europe and Russia
Without the European Union's intervention and rapid reaction on the part of the French president the Russians would already have made Tbilisi theirs. Four days after the launch of an unprecedented attack and in want of a reaction on the part of the Americans a European peace plan was put forward...
The meaning of the Presidency
The simple fact that the Presidency of the European Union is considered an event in France is a novelty we should welcome. Usually we find indifference and lack of knowledge walking hand in hand together with disdain and ignorance feeding scepticism in this domain. Nicolas Sarkozy wanted great...
If the people say no – let the people speak!
The Irish "NO" in the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty makes the upcoming French presidency of the European Union more difficult and also more important. Nicolas Sarkozy sees himself pushed to the front line with the support of Angela Merkel. His task is now even more vital to the future...
Why should we celebrate Europe?
After the Second World War, Europe was a dream of peace and prosperity. Now it is a reality - a network of common interests, linked together by treaties and managed by institutions with their procedures and intracacies. However two things are clear. European unification is still a cause that...