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Turkey: the Strategic Mistake
11th September 2010 marked a major turning point in relations between the EU and Turkey. By way of its Foreign Minister it expressed its rejection of the European offer to discuss together major strategic world issues, demanding prior to this an acceleration in the accession process to the...
Lessons from Belgrade
On 22nd July 2010 the UN International Court of Justice decided that Kosovo's declaration of independence was in line with international law. Addressed by the UN's General Assembly on Serbia's initiative, the guardian of the international community's law did not however open the doors to the right...
Europe challenged by Corporatism
Some minority French air traffic control unions have decided to disrupt the European holiday period in contempt of common sense and above all of general interest. The cloud of volcanic ash highlighted how late we were in finalising the Single Sky in Europe. Our skies are now far too small to be...
Toward an European budgetary Union
It was Jean-Claude Trichet who first used the word. It is the International Monetary Fund which now demands that the Euro States complete the construction of monetary Europe. It is now the financial markets that want it. And this is what the Heads of State and Government are to decide,...