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The New German Choices
On 24th October Angela Merkel and her new Liberal allies published the Coalition Treaty which sets out the principle choices of German policy for the next four years. The government contract that covers 124 pages and 6,136 lines for the 17th German government makes a deliberate choice in economic...
Running with Lisbon
The European Union has been trying to reform its institutions for ten years. In the wake of the Irish “Yes” it is now certain that this will be done by the end of the year. Rather than join the chorus of continuous criticism that point to its weaknesses, let’s look at the...
Thank you Mr Obama
By abandoning the installation of the American anti-missile shield in the Czech Republic and in Poland Barack Obama has just shot down one of the symbols of unilateralism promoted by his predecessor. This is not only because stirring up the existential dissatisfaction of a Russia which is less and...
Europe makes its late entry into the 21st century
Nearly 10 years late the European Union has finally entered the 21st century. From 2010 on nothing will ever be the same again. We shall know on 2nd October, the day of the second Irish referendum whether there will be any new institutions. It already has a new Parliament. A new European...