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Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, the great rejection of Russia
[This editorial is also available in Ukrainian.] No, it is not the Americans who are stirring up rejection of Russia everywhere and by everyone around it! It is of course the memories of a totalitarian past that resurface with Putin. It is above all the proximity of the European Union, its...
Europe is awake, united and more valuable than ever before
[This editorial is also available in Ukrainian.] The Russian aggression in Ukraine, i.e. the return, once again, of war to the European continent, prompted it to react. It did so with unexpected speed. The Union set about its work in conditions that no one could have imagined a few days before 24...
From Munich to Munich
[This editorial is also available in Ukrainian.] The Munich Security Conference, which has become an annual meeting place for thinkers and actors in international life, has just ended with the exceptional unity of Europe and the democracies in the face of the Russian war in Ukraine and the...
Outlawing war
[This editorial is also available in Ukrainian.] If some people are still wondering about the outcome of the war in Ukraine, about how to bring peace to this often battered region, and about the appropriateness of Western aid to the aggressed Ukraine, it is because they have not yet learned all...