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Can totalitarianism be dissolved using diplomacy?
The 25th anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong marked the end of freedom in the territory. I was one of three personalities representing France at the ceremonies on 1 July 1997 marking the end of a 99-year lease to the British. As the British troops paraded to the pounding beat of the Auld...
Europe: moving ahead despite the storm
Russia's aggression of Ukraine has disrupted timetables, fuelled concerns and jeopardised many projects. Despite the war, the resurgence of nationalism, the return of inflation and the elections, European integration has made headway, thanks to the effective and committed work of French diplomacy,...
Why do Ukraine and Moldova want to join the European Union?
The European Heads of State and Government will give Ukraine and Moldova official status as candidates for membership. Why and what does this mean? By knocking on the door of the European Union, these two states want to break with their Soviet past and the Russian domination by force that Putin...