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Toward an European budgetary Union
It was Jean-Claude Trichet who first used the word. It is the International Monetary Fund which now demands that the Euro States complete the construction of monetary Europe. It is now the financial markets that want it. And this is what the Heads of State and Government are to decide,...
60 years of Europe
On 9th May 1950 Robert Schuman offered Europe the means to peace and prosperity at the cost of what we might call today "a strategic break." Uniting "the warring continent" seemed impossible. Offering the possibility of uniting it was an audacious dream. 60 years later thanks...
Europe, the Crisis and Spending
The seriousness of the situation must not be underestimated. The financial markets no longer have any confidence in the ability of some European States to pay back their debts. The present financial crisis is primarily one of public indebtedness. It culminates in 78.7% in the euro area -...
Europe, victim of the principle of precaution
Damages are expected to rise beyond those incurred by the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001.  The four day ban on air transport in Europe has disrupted life and the movement of several million people and has already cost more than one billion euros - it is also the cause of doubt with regard...