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When France honours Europe
Emmanuel Macron has been brilliantly re-elected, and Europe can breathe. Once again, his election night began with the Ode to Joy, the European anthem. Let us not underestimate its symbolism and significance. The French president has set the European Union in motion and appears to be the one who...
Essential Europe
The common denominator in the Russian war in Ukraine, the despotic caricature of virus control in China, the hunt for opponents in Russia and the African coups is that they no longer share anything with the European landscape. Long divided and at almost constant war for centuries, the continent's...
The Right of the People
Many people have their opinion on the Russian aggression in Ukraine, its causes, consequences and solutions to stop it. In the West, where we were lucky enough to live on the right side of the Iron Curtain, we still reason in traditional terms, focusing on relations between states, regularly...
The jerrycan or freedom
How can the war be stopped? By abandoning Ukraine, even before it was attacked, NATO and its allies gave up on dissuading Putin from aggressing his neighbour. A few troops, even on exercise, might have been enough... For democracies, the question is always the same: how to oppose dictators, their...