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Outlawing war

Understanding support for Ukraine

[This editorial is also available in Ukrainian.]

If some people are still wondering about the outcome of the war in Ukraine, about how to bring peace to this often battered region, and about the appropriateness of Western aid to the aggressed Ukraine, it is because they have not yet learned all the lessons of the continent's tragic history.

For Europe, support for Ukraine is about defending the front.

Helping Ukraine to win this conflict means outlawing aggression and war on the continent.

European history teaches us that weakness towards an aggressor means encouraging him to continue his criminal activities. The precedents were horrible, so let us not repeat them!

We can quibble for hours about the origin of the war, and Europeans are experts on the subject: there is only one person responsible, the aggressor who used force to enforce his point of view, in this case Putin.

This behaviour must be banished from Europe, which is still so fragile because of the historical resentment that has been sown there.

The fear of escalation that the aggressor's mouthpieces try to spread is misplaced. Stronger policies might have deterred the aggression. And if we are afraid, then let's prepare for worse.

From now on it is only force that can make force retreat.

We may regret it, but it is no longer time to cry over spilt milk.

Putin and his henchmen must one day - and as soon as possible - understand themselves that it is time to stop this murderous madness and for that force and fear must change sides.

To avoid the mechanical chain of events that can lead to the worst, Europeans must be ready, whatever the cost.