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Immigration and Election
Will the theme of the upcoming European elections be immigration? No government is proposing to increase the number of immigrants. Each and everyone is aware that the crisis of 2015 was the source of fear amongst public opinion, of seeing uncontrolled masses of refugees and economic migrants swamp...
When the Europeans awake
Certain conditions were required. These have now been met and Europeans are launching into action after a long sleep. Several decisions show us this. The European Parliament finally adopted the reform of the rules governing copyright that hopefully will bring to an end the intellectual plunder...
The grand turning point
The summer of 2018 will possibly mark a turning point in international relations. Developments in American policy, brutally highlighted by a "take-it-or-leave-it" president is nothing new. They are part of the same basic trend as Brexit, the emergence of populist regimes in Europe, the...
NATO without the USA?
The President of the United States of America is increasingly violent in his criticism of the European Union. He is attacking it for its trade policy, is threatening it from the military point of view, and makes no bones about destabilising it. It is irksome to him in the international arena. He...