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Europe: what the candidates will not tell you
With each European election national political debates prefer abstraction to simple reality. The electoral campaign now underway is no exception to that. The proof, Europe’s successes and hopes are cruelly lacking. The proof is simple. It is are geographic, demographic and democratic. The...
Europe: Is a renaissance possible?
It would be sad that the proposals for the development of the European Union which are now starting to flow between the leaders of Europe, on the initiative of Emmanuel Macron, are only received with slightly cynical scepticism, with which national political milieu and short-sighted observers are...
What did you say? Competition?
The rejection of the merger between Alstom-Siemens on 6th February by the European Commission angered the German and French governments, although it was welcomed by Alstom's unions and the customary Eurosceptics. It is difficult so see what's what! European competition rules date back to the last...