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Overcoming the virus
The unilateral decision made by the American president, in the wake of others in Europe, shows that the greatest harm a virus can do is to the brain... Believing that closing borders will stem the pandemic is absurd; the list of exceptions to his decision, which only concerns the States in the...
Nuclear in Europe: Trump or Macron – we have to choose!
France is now the only European Union State equipped with nuclear weapons. This means that it has to think of its security from a European point of view. European partners have to take it into account. On 7 February, recalling France's nuclear policy, Emmanuel Macron reached out to Europeans,...
Europe and Crisis: advantages and shortfalls
It is fashionable to regret Europe's absence in the unfolding of international crises. Recent events in the Middle East confirm this withdrawal and Europe's voice is missing. Whether in Iraq, Libya, Yemen or Afghanistan, Europeans are not the global players that some would like to see. Absurd...
Brexit, a test for nationalism
By giving an absolute majority to Boris Johnson's Conservatives, the British confirmed their vote of 23 June 2016 in favour of leaving the European Union. It will now take place on 31 January next. Considered an amputation for Europe and a miscalculation for the United Kingdom, this decision is...