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Is the reunification of Europe under challenge?
Of the divisions that have emerged within the European Union the most serious of these is undoubtedly the one now dividing the East and the West. With the exception of the exemplary Baltic States, which are lively democracies reinvented after a period of Soviet occupation, a club of Member States,...
NATO, a military alliance that is less and less political
NATO embodies the transatlantic link that unites the democratic nations committed to the promotion of freedom and an organised international order, especially in Europe. It is a vital balanced military alliance binding the two shores of the Atlantic, but it is less and less a symbol of the...
When political Europe changes
As in all democracies the political landscape in Europe is in turmoil. The traditional forms of exercising power are under challenge. The main parties are contested. The coalitions that emerge after a proportional vote are increasingly difficult to put together. The extreme right and left-wing...
BREXIT: to leave and remain.
Since 23rd June 2016 when the British voted by referendum and a weak majority (51.9%) to leave the European Union debate has been raging on the other side of the Channel about the links it wants to retain with the continent. After years of hostility, rear-guard action, denial and contemptuous...