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Juncker's other challenge
The crisis and its budgetary constraints have simply accelerated Europe's disarmament. Together Europeans now only spend 18% of the world's military appropriations against 30% 10 years ago. At the same time the world has stepped up its efforts by 65% to total 1,750 billion $. Europe only spends...
Jean-Claude Juncker - an ace in leadership
Jean-Claude Juncker has made a successful start. As he handed out precise tasks to his new Commissioners he indicated to them that Europe now has a 29th Member State, i.e.the 25 million unemployed, and that this has to mobilise all of their energies and employ all of their time. With this he has...
The real no2 at the European Commission
There is a great deal to reform in the way the European institutions are run. The appointment of new personalities should be an occasion to make notable change. For example a consensus seems to have formed on the need to bring clusters of the Commission's competences within the responsibility...
What should Brussels change?
57 years after the Rome Treaty Europe experienced its first major economic and financial crisis, and after the European elections that confirmed doubt about community integration, debate has now been launched about the role and the functioning of the European institutions. 2014 is the year in...