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Von der Leyen: the right choice
The Members of the European Parliament have confirmed the choice of the heads of State and government to appoint Ursula von der Leyen to be the President of the European Commission as of 1st November next. She is the right person for the right post. It was time that Europe appoint a woman to lead...
And yet it moves!
This is what Galileo was supposed to have sighed after his inquisitors forced him to recant his scientific conclusion that the Earth turned around the sun. This is what we would like to shout after the European electoral period, which is now peacefully coming to a conclusion, with the appointment...
The Sea, Europe’s new border
Europe must wake up and deal with renewed tensions on the seas Tensions have risen again on the seas. At the entrance to the Persian Gulf oil tankers have been attacked, in the China Sea a country with ever-increasing power is attempting to claim the waters and islands of its neighbours; Turkey...
In Europe the worst is never a certainty
By turning out to vote in greater numbers than expected and with more than 50% of the Europeans voting, a healthy contradiction was of the prior announcement of a supposed "disaffection" on the part of Europe's citizens regarding European integration. A public European area is now...