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The rush to the oceans
Environmental awareness has had the virtue of revealing to the greatest number that our planet is blue, essentially made up of salt water. As a result, a wide variety of calls to protect the oceans are growing, from professionals, experts, governments and others... This rush and late enthusiasm is...
Europe and Russian Blackmail
Less than 10% of Russia's borders are shared with NATO, let alone the European Union. No reason to feel surrounded! Contrary to its propaganda, it is not military threats that worry Russia. Nobody wants to attack it. But it is the presence on its western borders of a large, peaceful, wealthy and...
Without reserve
France is presiding over the Council of the European Union for the next six months. Its President wanted this to be a key event in his term of office, which will end as it began, under the aegis of Europe. This is all the more laudable as French opinion is, to say the least, erratic when it comes...
New stars
The end of the year is usually a time for speculation. Prediction is difficult; it is easier to imagine. Never has there been so much financial liquidity in the world: will it continue to flow into loans, which are also debts? For a long time now, dictatorships have not been so assertive about...