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When the Europeans awake

Certain conditions were required. These have now been met and Europeans are launching into action after a long sleep. Several decisions show us this.

The European Parliament finally adopted the reform of the rules governing copyright that hopefully will bring to an end the intellectual plunder operated by the digital giants. The design industry has to be supported and fairly remunerated, whatever the means of communication. Content takes precedence over the vessel or the vector; true freedom lies in what is said and written and not on generalised access. This is Europe showing the world the way forward and which should help us to still have free press, innovative artists and culture that has not been sanitized.

It has also asked for a reasoned disciplinary procedure to be taken out against Hungary. Not regarding its migratory policy, of which we can think what we want, but because of the progressive drift by its leaders towards an illiberal democracy by way of its provocative Prime Minister - a soft autocracy which is just as dangerous as the most brutal, theorised versions, as an alternative to our governance.  The legal system, associations, the press, minorities - in all of these areas Parliament has witnessed specific abuse of the legal system and it has asked the heads of State to sanction the authorities of this country, along with Poland which is already under investigation in an identical procedure. Europeans have learnt from their history that one has to be uncompromising with these aberrations, which start off surfing on public opinion, with regard to real problems and which can easily end in dictatorship. This was a clear message addressed to the Italian Interior Minister, who is flirting closely with nostalgia of Fascism, via his exploitation of the complicated issue of migration.

Finally, in his speech on the State of the Union, the President of the European Commission advocated European sovereignty, so that Europe can finally accept its role as a global player in the world arena.

And so, at the head of the European Commission and with the support of some Member States, like France and its President, he has opened the way to the construction of a true - still to be completed - system of European defence. No one will be able to say that the European executive did not do its duty in terms of helping Europeans catch up in this area. It is up to the Member States to step up the pace now.

When it comes to Europe we should never expect the worst!

Manhandled as all democracies in a fast-changing world, which is largely favouring the demagogues, caught out by issues as urgent as the migratory crisis, so slow sometimes in deciding - in providing support to the euro for example, Europe always suffers violent disruption, then it decides and acts. Motivated by angry citizens, urged along by circumstances, the European are now waking up. It serves no purpose to say that it is rather late in the day. It is indeed good news for the future.