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Europe: Weak Powers
Europe has been built on power sharing. Dialogue has been obligatory, negotiation organised, compromise forced - this has been the constrained path of European decision making. It has added a supranational dimension to discussions between States, a painful reminder of the obligations previously...
Europe immigration
No one can remain unaffected by the human catastrophe in which hundreds of men, women and children perish as they flee poverty and war. The tragedy continues on a daily basis - this time it was off the coast of Malta but where will it be in the future? Will it be Syrians still. Maybe Egyptians?...
Hommage to Robert Schuman
There are few towns or villages in France which do not have a Robert Schuman Square or Street. Everywhere else in Europe it is often like this that his commitment to Europe is illustrated. As for the European institutions! There is not one building, hall, nor a door which does not bear his name. In...
Syria: in support of an European initiative
Never, perhaps, has an international crisis ever demanded a strong European initiative as clearly as this. The USA is hesitating, marked by over ten years of foreign commitments with controversial results. Quite rightly France is highlighting the need not to allow the use of chemical weapons, which...