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France is well and truly back in Europe

The new French President's entry into office has undeniably been a success. By placing his action within a resolutely European framework he has already raised interest and kindled friendship amongst his partners.

He has made the right diagnosis of the situation, as he confronts the domestic changes that France must urgently undertake.

Boosting the value of France belonging to Europe is proof of two types of wisdom: estimating the level of interdependence in Europe and participating in Europe's revival, whose Member States are ailing, but which also requires reform and new impetus.

Helping France to liberate the energy of which it is capable, to take best advantage, like the others, of European growth that was higher in 2016 than that of the USA and which might still have some pleasant surprises in store for us, is vital for France as it is for its partners.

To do this we have to break from the sterile debate to which the French hold the secret - from the eurosceptics, sovereignists, nostalgics to the pessimists - to privilege modernity, reality, initiatve and optimism. The only thing that counts is the rapid results expected by its citizens. The exceedingly old French quarrels have suddenly withered to reveal the French determined to look to the future. This is good news.

Europe does not need to make people dream, it just has to work better and the French President wants to help make that happen. France is well and truly back in Europe.