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Patience and virtue
More and more challenges are arising for  Europeans, security economic crisis, immigration, growth …  Used to living conditions that have ceaselessly continued to improve with the assurance of peace, they are now beginning to have doubts, a truly European speciality. The British...
British lessons
Contrary to expectation the Conservative party made a landslide victory in the UK election and are to lead the British government again. This is rather good news.  The UK’s economy is improving. The sharp reduction in government spending has also led to a reduction in unemployment....
Are politics crumbling in Europe?
For the second time in a century no British party will be able to govern alone after the elections on 7th May. In spite of a majority one-round voting method, a coalition will be required to form a government. This is the case in 20 other countries of the European Union. The main...
« A united Europe was not achieved and we had war »
Just a few months ago justifying Europe with peace might have brought a smile to the lips of some. This quote, the fourth sentence in the Schuman Declaration, which changed the course of European history calls for thought in the light of the present strategic context. European integration has...