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Outlawing war
[This editorial is also available in Ukrainian.] If some people are still wondering about the outcome of the war in Ukraine, about how to bring peace to this often battered region, and about the appropriateness of Western aid to the aggressed Ukraine, it is because they have not yet learned all...
The Franco-German relationship, an imperative necessity
[This editorial is also available in Ukrainian.] In Paris yesterday Olaf Scholz and Emmanuel Macron, together with their parliaments, celebrated the sixtieth anniversary of the Elysée Treaty. An unparalleled between two countries, it lays out a special relationship, having been first made...
The European Union’s second chance
[This editorial is also available in Ukrainian.] The first half of the twentieth century was one of war and disaster for Europeans. The second half was one of reconstruction through peace and stability. The construction of Europe has given the member states the prosperity that their mistakes...
2023, a year of challenges for Europe
[This editorial is also available in Ukrainian.] It is customary to say that "Europe is at a turning point". However, we shouldn't panic: it has existed now for 73 years! But it is no less true that the challenges facing Europe in recent times have been particularly existential in...