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Europe: What to do with America?
On 3 November the United States will be voting and a few days later we should know the successor to the unlikely president the country gave itself 4 years ago. The overwhelming majority of Europeans do not want the incumbent to be re-elected. If his challenger wins, the world, the Americans and...
Fear, the worst counsel
But what has happened to the world's most advanced countries, and to Europe, who have sunk into health anxiety, taking decisions that are irreparably damaging to their economies and restricting freedoms? It was under the influence of fear  that it all began. Fear and apprehension on the part...
Mamma Li Turchi
This expression comes from the Sicilian dialect and means "Catastrophe", a bit like "Mamma mia"! It has its roots in the raids committed on the Mediterranean coast in the 16th and 17th centuries by Barbary pirates who paid tribute to the Sultan. Their arrival ashore heralded...
Is it possible to have a European Foreign Policy?
The speech given by Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, was striking in the quality of its determination and proposals. Digital, environmental and health issues should indeed be the subject of more common policies to achieve greater collective efficiency. On the other...