Jean-Dominique Giuliani is Chair of the Robert Schuman Foundation, a reference research centre on the European Union and its policies.

Special Advisor to the European Commission (2008-2010), he was previously Maître de Requêtes, for the Council of State, Director of the Cabinet of President of the French Senate, Mr René Monory (1992-1998) and Director within the General Management of Taylor Nelson Sofres (1998-2001). In 2001, he founded his own international consulting business: J-DG.Com International Consultants of which he is the Chair.

He has notably published : Un Européen très pressé aux éditions du Moment (May 2008), Les 100 mots de l’Europe (with Jean-Paul Betbèze), PUF, in the series « Que sais-je ? », Paris, (May 2011), Pourquoi et comment l’Europe restera le cœur du monde - Petit traité d’optimisme -, Lignes de Repères (March 2014). He co-managed the production of L’Atlas permanent de l’Union européenne, Lignes de Repères, (2012). His expertise in European issues means that he publishes regular articles in the national and international press and he also takes part in many events and conference. He was appointed to the Supervisory Board of ArteFrance in June 2009

Member of the Supervisory Board of Arte France (since 2009) and President of ILERI (School of International Relations) (since 2019).

Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur Officier du Mérite national (France) Commander of Order of Merit of Germany, of the Order of Gediminas of Lithuania, of the National Service of Romania, of Hungary and other foreign decorations.