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As we face the nightmare

The invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army is a senseless criminal act that no one could reasonably foresee.

Such a violation of its signature by a permanent member of the UN Security Council was previously unthinkable.

Such an array of lies, duplicity and denials in no way befits the behaviour of a great country.

So, Putin is already facing stubborn resistance from the Ukrainians and unanimous condemnation from all civilised nations.

For the Russian dictator, the worst is yet to come.

The European Union, which he has long despised and wants to destroy, is showing itself to be more united and resolute than ever. He has strengthened, encouraged and probably transformed it.

Its strength was deployed in record time to adopt the most severe sanctions against a leader who has lost all reason and is undertaking the worst crime of all: bringing war to Europe.

No one would have imagined the European Union capable of such determination and speed in its response: military, financial and humanitarian support for Ukraine, ruthless sanctions against Putin and his henchmen, unanimity in the political, diplomatic, cultural and sports worlds to condemn an action worthy of another century.

Long European debates about the need to give Europe's formidable ''soft power'', Europe's real capacity to influence, a military complement that lends it credibility, are now outdated. Europeans will all rearm and collectively arm themselves for the great global game.

The cause of a militarily and diplomatically powerful Europe has made more progress in three days than in thirty years.

This brutal realisation was predictable: the interests of Europeans are now so closely linked that, in times of crisis, their first reflex is to unite and respond together. We saw this with vaccines.

Moreover, the attraction of Europe upon people, which is perhaps the real cause behind the Russian dictator's action, will become stronger and Putin could well see the end of his reign, because the Russian people themselves - including the oligarchs - prefer peace and prosperity to any other adventure.

And if he wishes to test Europe's resilience militarily, even nuclear, he now knows that he will only be met with firmness and unity.