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Why should we celebrate Europe?

After the Second World War, Europe was a dream of peace and prosperity.

Now it is a reality - a network of common interests, linked together by treaties and managed by institutions with their procedures and intracacies.

However two things are clear.

European unification is still a cause that needs to be fought for. In terms of international relations it is not always easy to call people to reason but many examples, from Africa to Asia, the Middle East and Latin America, show that we should be proud of our successes and promote them.

The European Union provides its people with new opportunities in the world in total contrast with the world as it was 60 years ago. In the areas of the economy, politics, security, culture - the Union measures up to the world. It gives us undeniable advantages with which to rise to major challenges. But we have to be optimistic and enthusiastic about what and who we are. It is our duty. 

Never has Europe Day, the anniversary of Robert Schuman's declaration on 9th May 1950 been celebrated like it has been this year. Europeans are proud of what they are. It is time to offer them the chance to turn to the future. The merger of 8th and 9th May would be proof that we are looking ahead and not behind, without forgetting the past but by choosing the future.